Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pretty hefty round of updates, photos, BAND PRACTICE video, etc!

As much as I wish I could say “we're done!”, we're not quite there yet. The booklet is still in production after a handful of more technical hangups (and last-LAST minute corrections), but that is THE last piece of the puzzle to be produced and it's FINALLY in motion after seemingly endless problems. Everything else is now done though, and we actually received samples for a bunch of the stuff a few weeks ago:

So far everything's looking great and the CDs all sound good as well (not pictured since they were mailed off to set up the digital download stuff). A few jackets & the box itself weren't done as of the samples' shipment a few weeks back (so this photo isn't quite everything), but we're finally in the home stretch now!

I almost can't believe how massive of a project this has been. I knew it would be insane, but when you really break it down it's basically like an entire year's worth of releases all crammed into one giant beast/bitch of a project. I can easily say this has been the biggest & most difficult production we've done yet and I will rest a whole lot better once this thing is finally done & in everyone's hands. Definitely gotten a grey hair or ten over this one.

But that's not to say that the excitement's waned at all, as I feel as strong as ever that this thing should be worth all the trouble, delays, patience, money and everything that everyone has put into this. I want to extend another round of appreciation from myself and the band members for everyone who pre-ordered this having leagues of patience in waiting for the final product.

It's also exciting to say that FLOOR has had their first round of practices for their upcoming live reunion shows in March & April! They ran through each of the 3 drummers different sets, and ironed out the kinks for what should be a pretty awesome series of shows. A ton of band-shot footage was taken as well, with the following clip one of the only ones to have surfaced thus far:

I seriously can't wait for these live shows, and we should have the box sets in your hands well beforehand as well. So everyone who plans to attend will have time to bone up on the massive amount of material the band will be playing over 3 sets each night.

Another update on the realistic/expected arrival ETA should be coming within just a week or so... but in the meantime, Anthony's first interview in probably 8+years has been posted online and is a good read:

Thank you again for all of your patience, it means the world to us.

-Andy / Robotic Empire


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  2. Rory- I'm not sure what else to do BUT apologize. I realize now that saying Christmas was unrealistic, but at the time it seemed very plausible. Its not like we've wanted it to take this long, and are doing everything possible to get it done as fast as possible.

    If you want a refund, write us an email please. I genuinely don't want folks to be unhappy with this, and understand if you're not OK with waiting this long. It sucks, for everyone, but we're ALMOST done. And I didn't want to blow up the spot but we're including some extra merch with the pre-orders to *try* to make up for the hella-long wait. Was just trying to make that a small sorta surprise, but anyway again, I understand your frustration and am just doing what I can to finish this for everyone as quickly as possible.

    Thanks, -Andy

    1. Hey Andy I just stumbled on this blog again and was so embarrassed to see my comment still there. I owe you the apology for being such a dick about a difficult and painstaking process. Honestly I was probably just pissed because I was so excited about the box set, so I let myself get too frustrated at the time. I know its 2 years later but the internet is crazy, this shit stays forever! I wanted to set the record straight because I am, as hard as it may seem, a huge fan of the band and wanted to tell you the box set was awesome, worth every penny. And thanks for going through the effort of making it. I'm not sure if anyone will even see this now, but I also saw you thanking people that had even been "impatient" during this process. I seriously am so very sorry. I don't want to be that name on your dartboard of names of guys who were fuckin assholes. Rock on and keep making great stuff.


  3. Yikes dude get out the baby bottle and rattle!!! This will be totally worth the wait! FLOOR!!!!!

  4. This is already one of the most badass rad box sets around. Worth every single second of patience. Mad respect to the band and all involved in this huge undertaking. Looking forward this, immensely.

  5. Quick bit of mental arithmetic, $250 equates to about $13 a disc (10 LPs, an EP and 8 CDs = 19 discs @ $250), before you take into consideration the box, the shirt, the book, etc. I pay > $13 for individual records and CDs all the time.

  6. To invisible prisons: well said my friend.

    Keep up the good work Andy!

  7. i reckon something as massive as this is worth waiting for without bitching and moaning about it- it's not like we've been kept in the dark over the delays and, really, what's the rush? half the fun is the anticipation- i trust this is going to be beautiful and worth every god damn day/hour/minute of waiting!

    robotic empire- do what you got to do and what it needs to be right

  8. Jeeeez you little whiner. At least you CAN afford it, all I got to do was look at that picture of it and die a little inside knowing ill never own it, The full discography of my favorite band.

    Just feel lucky this thing is being released at all. Because I still cant believe it.

  9. Okay, I'm gonna stand up for Andy (not that he needs it) but seriously. Rory. Go get fucked.

    This has been a project that is herculean in scope.

    I'm sure that you're living on the west coast with your thumb up your dick hole and, not having done anything yourself, are willing to criticize the fucking COLLOSAL amount of work that Andy and the band are enduring for YOU.

    Additionally, this is a LIMITED box set. They do not experience the same economies of scale that a Doors box set experiences. Then again, you wouldn't know that because you've not been in Andy's shoes.

    If I thought it'd help, I'd pay the cost of your box set and destroy it in front of you just to put the video up on youtube and let people know what a fucking ass you are.

    I'll happily debate this with you ANY TIME. ANY WHERE.

    Stop being such a cry baby.

    Now go play a game of hide and go fuck yourself.

  10. Wow, people are getting pretty worked up about this...


  11. Hey, I just wanna say something I feel is very important to this now controversial chapter in the Below & Beyond Blog Update.


  12. sorry a little late here, but the interview posted said: "Available through Robotic Empire either as 10LPs (and one 7″) or eight CDs, plus digital downloads, it is as huge a project as a band could take on."

    10LP's/1 7" OR 8 cd's???? I hope this was a typo in the interview, but my understanding was all the vinyls + all the cds. Can you please verify Andy???

  13. I think they're talking about the other lesser editions Andy mentioned in the other blog.

  14. I live in Spain and I'm considering flying to US for the limited shows...

    Awesome job Andy! Go on!