Saturday, March 6, 2010


It is with major relief that I can announce that we expect to have the completed FLOOR - Below & Beyond Box Sets in house as of Friday, March 12th! The pre-order t-shirts should be arriving the same day as well, and all of our packing supplies are here and ready to roll.

We're gonna bust our asses over that weekend & start shipping these the week of 3/15, hopefully getting everyone (at least stateside) their copies prior to FLOOR's reunion shows. It's gonna take a little while to pack & ship all of these, but this is our top priority right now and we're trying to get these out ASAP.

Thank you again for being so patient, and even thank you to those who've been impatient. This project has been a hell of an undertaking and I personally can't wait to hold this thing in person. Take care,



  1. starting to ship the week of my birthday? awesome...

  2. I would like to do a radio special for the release of the set. Who would I talk to? Gary.

  3. yay!! can't wait to get it in the mail!!