Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sorry for the delayed post here, been swamped.

All of the domestic FLOOR Box Set *pre-order* shipments have gone out as of a few days ago, and we're furiously working on the international orders and NEW orders now. Still chugging along, and trying to get these all out the door ASAP.

Throwing in buttons, stickers and/or patches in as well as an added "thank you".

We hope you enjoy the box set!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"Par for the course with this band" the FLOOR guys assure me, but much to my surprise and dismay: the boxes came out the WRONG COLOR !!! Such a frustrating turn of events right in the 11th hour... but basically when faced with a further 3-4 week delay or keeping it as is: we all opted to keep the wrong-color boxes and take it as a sign.

Originally we'd planned on having the box fabric actually be blue, but eventually chose gray to compliment the backs of all the covers better. Much to all of our surprise though, an error in the fabric's labeling at the plant resulted in this bizarre twist of events... and in the end it was such a classy looking screwup that we decided just to roll with it!

It's done. It's actually done. It's got a problem, but we can all live with it and hopefully you can too, because... ITS DONE!

All of our copies should be in-house on Friday, and same goes for the pre-order t-shirts. Then we'll bust our asses to get these all shipped out and into your hands ASAP! Almost there...!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


It is with major relief that I can announce that we expect to have the completed FLOOR - Below & Beyond Box Sets in house as of Friday, March 12th! The pre-order t-shirts should be arriving the same day as well, and all of our packing supplies are here and ready to roll.

We're gonna bust our asses over that weekend & start shipping these the week of 3/15, hopefully getting everyone (at least stateside) their copies prior to FLOOR's reunion shows. It's gonna take a little while to pack & ship all of these, but this is our top priority right now and we're trying to get these out ASAP.

Thank you again for being so patient, and even thank you to those who've been impatient. This project has been a hell of an undertaking and I personally can't wait to hold this thing in person. Take care,