Saturday, October 24, 2009

VINYL ENTERING PRODUCTION! plus, center label artwork...

It's been a strange couple of weeks, but after much meditation, debate and confusion it has been decided the recently found "lost track" unfortunately just isn't going to fit on the appropriate LP it would chronologically lay in. We will be posting this (and possibly another outtake or two) here for free download at some point, but in the meantime there is GOOD news too:

The vinyl is finally entering production!

The center label artwork has been fully completed and approved by the band after some last-minute text changes, so now the next stop is TEST PRESSES.

We've been toying with the idea of running a contest for a set of test presses solely involving the people who've pre-ordered this beast, and another post will surface when we can figure out how to orchestrate said contest.

More elements of this massive set will be entering production shortly, so another post regarding further progress will be posted soon. Thanks again to everyone who's ordered and is following along with the creation of this monster!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WAS almost ready to put the vinyl into production...

...but the band found 1 more song. Its crazy how much unreleased material these guys had, and even in the 11th hour RIGHT as we're about to put all this into production, Anthony dug up 1 more song.

It might not fit. The timing chronologically may not yield room for it to sneak in. But if there is room, we want it in there.

However if it doesn't fit, we'll post the track online so folks can still hear it. Its an early one, raw as ever... but it still deserves to be heard.

More updates as they come, the verdict on this "final song" should be in soon...